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16-Year-Old Dies in Bicycle vs. Vehicle Accident

A 16-year-old boy recently succumbed to head injuries after a collision with a vehicle in Syosset. The cyclist was riding northbound on South Oyster Bay Road when he was struck by a 54-year-old driver driving southbound and turning east onto the Long Island Expressway Service Road. The boy suffered severe head trauma and was transported to a nearby hospital, where he died two weeks later. The accident is still under investigation and fault has not been determined.

Bicycle vs. car accidents are often deadly to cyclists. Because bikes don’t provide the same kind of protection that vehicles do, it’s especially important to observe the rules of the road. Here’s an overview of who might be held liable in this type of accident.

Right-of-way bike vs. car accidents

Both drivers and cyclists have an obligation to follow all the rules of the road and avoid causing harm to others. The laws for bikes are very similar to rules for vehicles, such as riding with traffic, obeying traffic signals and using the appropriate lanes when available.

The case above likely involves a right-of-way determination. These accidents can happen when cars turning right in front of a cyclist, or when drivers turn directly into a cyclist without seeing the bike. Generally, the vehicle driver will be liable for the accident: they should not turn unless it’s safe to do so. Drivers should check their mirrors and blind spots before turning into a driveway, parking lot or an intersection.

While cyclists may be held responsible for bicycle vs. vehicle accidents, it’s far less common. Whether you’re a cyclist or a driver, it’s important to call a personal injury attorney to help you navigate the insurance and claims process after an accident.

To learn more about bicycle accident claims and potential liability, reach out to the skilled personal injury attorneys at Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia, LLP right away.