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Drivers Reminded to Drive Safely During Winter Weather Conditions

It has already been a brutal winter in terms of snow and cold in many places across the United States, including here in Long Island. In fact, the snowy and icy conditions led to a pileup of at least 29 vehicles in Sayville Thursday, December 15. It was an incident that highlighted the need for motorists to take extra safety precautions when driving in inclement weather.

The multivehicle accident, which involved a small school bus (with no children inside) flipping over onto its side, occurred in the westbound section of Sunrise Highway near Bohemia Parkway. At least seven people suffered injuries in the crash.

Helping prevent winter driving accidents

State and local law enforcement officials recommend taking the following actions to stay safe on our roads and highways this winter:

  • If possible, avoid driving at all during extremely snowy and icy weather.
  • Take it slow. Speeding during slippery conditions dramatically increases the chances of a crash.
  • Always have your headlights on during snowy or foggy weather to increase visibility.
  • Make sure you have plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in case you suddenly need to stop.
  • Increase stopping times leading up to stop signs and red lights, as slamming on your brakes could cause you to lose control.
  • Remove all distractions in your vehicle. You should never be driving while distracted anyway, of course, but your attention is especially important when conditions are poor.
  • Keep a thermal blanket, First Aid kit, flashlight and other safety equipment in your vehicle at all times in case you get stranded.

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