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Establishing a Support System to Help You Through a Divorce

Divorce may be one of the most stressful periods in your entire life. Even a relatively amicable divorce can be extremely difficult, which is why it’s so important to build up a support system that can help you get through it.

Below is a list of some of the people who can make up your support system in the time before, during and after your divorce:

  • Family: Whether it’s parents, siblings or adult children, look to family members who can give you the support you need. If you have young children, it’s important for them to also spend time with people who love them unconditionally and to give them a sense of normalcy during the process.
  • Your attorney: Your lawyer is an important part of your support system from a more practical standpoint. If you ever have questions about legal or logistical issues related to your divorce, or need assistance in handling a divorce-related task, legal counsel is the first person you ask. Although your attorney will not provide the same level of direct emotional support as your family, he or she will still spare you a significant amount of stress.
  • Friends: Friends are great for truthful and honest feedback and advice — and can also be an excellent outlet for you to blow off some steam when it starts to become a little too much to handle.
  • Therapist: In many situations, it can be very beneficial to work with a therapist so you can develop some important coping mechanisms to help you get through some of the difficulties of your divorce.

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