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Icy Roads Cause Dozens of Christmas Eve Accidents in Suffolk County

Christmas Eve started off badly for numerous drivers and passengers on the Long Island Expressway and other Suffolk County highways. Icy roads throughout the area triggered dozens of accidents, including single-vehicle crashes, two-car collisions and pileups involving multiple cars and trucks. Due to the various incidents, traffic was delayed and diverted all over Long Island. In one accident alone on the Sagtikos Parkway, more than 20 vehicles sustained damage.

Blizzard conditions are not necessary to set off havoc on the roads. Even a small amount of snow or ice can make handling a car very difficult. When someone is hurt in a crash caused in part by winter weather, driver carelessness is frequently a contributing factor as well. When you work with an experienced New York auto accident lawyer, he or she can review the relevant facts to determine if someone else bears legal responsibility for your injuries. Careless behaviors associated with winter driving include:

  • Driving at an unsafe speed — When the road is slippery or visibility is poor, motorists need to slow down in response to the conditions. Even traveling significantly under the speed limit might not be safe.
  • Poor driver awareness — Treacherous weather demands that drivers be aware of their vehicle’s limitations and honest about its condition. Poor headlights and brakes that should have been serviced a few months back become extremely hazardous when stopping becomes difficult. Rear-wheel drive cars and trucks typically don’t handle well on icy surfaces and a motorist’s failure to understand this can be very dangerous.
  • Tires that are not winter-ready — Though our area has several winter storms per year, many people have long given up the habit of switching to “snow tires” for better traction. While they might not be a worthwhile investment for everybody, they do provide superior grip on snow-packed roads because their rubber is softer. However, snow tires don’t necessarily make things easier if roads are covered in ice, and no matter what tires a vehicle owner uses, they pose a danger if their tread is worn down.

At Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia, LLP, our proven New York auto accident lawyers press to hold careless drivers accountable so that collision victims can secure the compensation they deserve. Whether ice or snow played a role in your crash or not, we are ready to assist you in Nassau and Suffolk County.