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Man Severely Injured After Sailboat Accident on Long Island Sound

Police in Darien continue to investigate a boat accident involving two vessels on the Long Island Sound. The accident, which occurred at about 9:45 a.m. Sunday, June 25, left one passenger with serious injuries.

The collision reportedly involved a 33-foot, power-operated sailboat and a 20-foot boat. The sailboat operator, who was the lone occupant of his vessel, went below deck to retrieve an item and left the boat running. Before he could return to the wheel, the sailboat hit the other boat on its right rear side, momentarily forcing it underwater. One of the three occupants aboard that boat, seated in the rear, was struck and forced underwater. He sustained severe injuries to his right leg.

After the collision, both boats managed to get to the Five Mile River, where they were secured. Passengers then obtained medical treatment for the injured man, who was taken to Norwalk Hospital. The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the scene and issued a citation to the sailboat operator.

Boat operators must abide by strict safety standards

Boat operators, much like the drivers of motor vehicles, have certain standards of safety they must follow when operating a vessel. A failure to abide by those safety standards could lead to the operator being liable for any accidents and injuries that result from his or her negligence.

In this case, the operator likely should not have gone below deck while the boat was still running, especially considering that no one else was there operate the vessel in his absence.

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