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Fatal Head-On Collisions: How are Families Compensated?

It was 8:50 pm. Newman Ayeh-Brachie was driving his Nissan north on the Hudson span of the Tappan Zee bridge. His wife Hannah was seated beside him. Everything seemed normal — until a white SUV came barreling south in the northbound lane of traffic. It was going the wrong way. Before Mr. Ayeh-Brachie could react,… Read More »

Workplace Accidents and Workers Compensation Defenses

In New York, a system of workers compensation exists to ensure that employees receive cash benefits and/or paid medical leave when they are injured on the job. Workers may be entitled to temporary or permanent, partial or total disability benefits, depending on the type of injuries sustained. Generally, all an employee should have to do… Read More »

Spousal Support in Same-Sex Divorce

Statistics suggest that the boom in gay and lesbian marriages since the Marriage Equality Act became law in 2011 is likely to be followed by a boom in divorce. It is important to understand and appreciate the financial implications of same-sex divorce. Marriage traditionally created a legal obligation upon a husband to support his wife,… Read More »

School Liability for Bullying

A sophomore college student at Brandeis University launched a lawsuit against an alleged bully and the prestigious Manhattan school he attended for an incident of bullying that took place eight years earlier. Eric Giray, 19, claims he was attacked by Daniel Dworakowski in 2004 after enduring several months of verbal harassment. The incident, in which… Read More »

How Do I Keep My Child Out of Juvie?

Plans announced by the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would see two juvenile detention centers in Tompkins County and Orange County close, with the two facilities expected to be fully closed by the end of July. The move is part of Governor Cuomo’s Close to Home initiative, in which juvenile offenders are placed… Read More »

Edward Robertson Defends Client in Long Island Larceny Case

Attorney Ed Robertson’s most recent case is making headlines in the news! Mr. Robertson is representing Scott Brown, who was arrested on Thursday on the charge of grand larceny. Brown, who hails from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, is accused of conning a Long Island contractor out of $75,000. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment… Read More »

Can You Get Compensation After Falling off a Ladder on a Construction Site?

Statistics provided by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) show that falls from ladders and stairways during construction lead to approximately 25,000 injuries and 36 deaths per year nationwide. About half of the injuries are serious enough to warrant days off from work, clearly reminding us what we likely already know: ladders can be… Read More »

Asserting Your Paternal Rights

Ariel Castro, the Ohio man accused of holding three women captive in his home in Cleveland, has been confirmed as the father of a six-year-old girl that escaped from the house along with the other women. Castro, who has been indicted by a grand jury on 329 charges for rape and kidnapping, was found to… Read More »

Frankie Flora’s Bill to Create Strict Liability for Dog Bites

A bill in the New York State Senate proposes to create a higher level of dog owner liability in cases of dog bites. Submitted by State Senators Gipson and Breslin, the new law would create a strict liability regime in which dog owners would be liable for the medical costs of a person injured by… Read More »

Fostering and Terminating Parental Rights

A court in Texas has terminated the parental rights of the parents of an abandoned newborn baby girl. The baby, known as Chloe, was found in a plastic bag by a woman who was walking her dogs. Baby Chloe still had part of the umbilical cord attached when she was found, and was taken in… Read More »