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Who is Responsible for an Unsafe Property

It is easy to assume that the owner is responsible for an unsafe property condition that leads to injury. In many instances, it may be that simple. However, the truth may be different under some circumstances. It all depends on a variety of factors including the use of the property, the type of injury and… Read More »

Supervised Visitation in New York

The law places a great deal of importance on preserving the relationship between parent and child. While this certainly makes sense under most circumstances, it can create a frustrating and unsettling scenario for a custodial parent when the other parent has a history of abuse, neglect, violence or mental instability. In New York, a judge… Read More »

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

As a geographically large nation with many regional industries, truck transportation has become an essential part of our national infrastructure. But because of their size and power, tractor-trailers also pose a serious danger to other motorists when drivers and transportation companies fail to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. When this results in… Read More »

Be Smart With Social Media During Divorce

Even if a couple parts under friendly circumstances, divorce is often difficult and frustrating. Handling all aspects of divorce in New York, our attorneys often see the effects of electronic communication on the cases of our clients. Too often, spouses do not realize the impact of an email or Facebook posting on the eventual outcome… Read More »

Why Just Paying That Traffic Ticket After an Accident Could Be a Mistake

If you were issued a traffic citation stemming from a car accident in which you were also injured, you may be tempted to pay the ticket to save yourself some trouble. After all, between your recovery, your medical bills and making ends meet while you are out of work, you have quite a bit on… Read More »

How Do You Consciously Uncouple Assets?

Entertainers Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin created a divorce sensation when they announced they were consciously uncoupling. What effect does that have on division of assets during divorce? In March, the celebrity couple announced their separation via Goop, the website of Ms. Paltrow. While a great deal of attention is paid to the apparent civility… Read More »

Estate Plans and Divorce: What You Need to Know

Both parties in a divorce must address estate planning issues to help ensure there are no surprises after divorce — or even in the event one spouse dies at any time before a divorce’s finalization. The issues cited in a January 2008 Report of the Surrogate’s Court Advisory Committee resulted in a rewrite of existing… Read More »

Dangerous Human Factor: Fatigue

It could be the pilot of your airplane, a bus driver or a trucker — or it could be you. People who operate vehicles while fatigued are dangerous. In August, 2013, an early morning Federal Express cargo flight from Kentucky to Alabama crashed about a mile from its intended runway. The two pilots were killed… Read More »

I Want to Move — Can I Bring My Children?

The issue of parent relocation is relatively complicated, and each case tends to have a unique set of circumstances that play a significant role in the court’s ultimate decision. There are many factors that may influence the result, including the following issues. The child’s best interests This is the first and most important element in… Read More »

The Tax Impact of Spousal Maintenance Requires Careful Consideration When Negotiating the Terms of Divorce

Taxes should be a major consideration when negotiating the terms of divorce. At its simplest level, the party who makes any type of payment defined as spousal maintenance under federal tax laws can deduct those payments, while the recipient must declare the payments as income. Qualified taxable income Although the IRS does not consider payments… Read More »