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Parents, Schools Worried About Bicycle Stunt Trend in Long Island Neighborhoods

Parents, school officials and community members are concerned about a rising trend on Long Island of kids performing dangerous stunts on their bicycles in the middle of city streets.

Many residents have complained that these stunts are happening right in the middle of traffic, with some of the bicyclists intentionally riding in front of vehicles. There have been many close calls, but no accidents yet. Safety advocates believe it’s only a matter of time before a serious crash occurs.

The trend is tied to social media videos that have used the hashtag #oneway. It began on the streets of Philadelphia and New York City, and has quickly made its way out to other areas. One Staten Island teen was arrested this summer witnesses saw him purposefully swerve between a pair of city buses.

Some kids and neighborhood residents say there are not enough places dedicated for kids to ride their bikes in the city, although Suffolk County Legislator Tom Cilmi of East Islip disagrees. He has filed hundreds of complaints related to the actions of the teens and says there is an immense potential for tragedy. He asked the Suffolk County Police Department to launch an initiative to speak to kids about the dangers of their actions and has appealed to parents to make sure their children are riding safely.

Who is liable for a bike accident?

If an accident does occur as a result of this dangerous bicycling behavior, there’s certain to be a question of liability. In other words, are drivers expected to avoid reckless bicyclists?

In general, bicyclists and drivers are supposed to obey the same rules of the road. This means reckless behavior by bicyclists could make them liable for any crashes resulting from their irresponsible actions. While motorists are at fault for most bike accidents, that’s not always the case, and riders also have a responsibility to act in a reasonably safe manner.

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