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Rabbi Hospitalized for Brain Injury After Hit-and-Run Accident

A 70-year-old rabbi suffered a serious head injury in an early December Long Island car accident involving a driver who left the scene without stopping.

According to local law enforcement officers, the rabbi was walking across the street in front of the Young Israel Jewish Center in West Hempstead at approximately 7:30 p.m. when a white Dodge Ram hit him, and then immediately took off. A passerby found the man and called the police. Anyone who has information on this accident is encouraged to reach out to Crime Stoppers.

An increase of hit-and-run crashes nationwide

Hit-and-run accidents appear to be on the rise in urban and suburban areas across the country. National auto club AAA reports that about 60 percent of all hit-and-run crashes involve pedestrians, and that alcohol use and inexperience are two of the main reasons why motorists panic and keep driving when they know they should stop.

When an at-fault driver leaves the scene of a pedestrian, it can cause obvious problems for the injured party. If there is no one to file a claim against, the injured person may need to seek assistance from his or her own insurance company to cover medical bills and other costs.

Hit-and-run drivers who police later catch can face severe criminal penalties, including large fines, jail time, probation and the loss of driving privileges. These penalties are usually more stringent if the accident in question resulted in injuries or death.

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