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Recently Released Video Sheds New Light on Fatal Bus Accident

A newly released video provides a new look at an August accident involving two NJ Transit buses. The accident resulted in the death of a bus driver and a grandmother who was a passenger at the time.

The surveillance tape clearly depicts a Route 59 NJ Transit bus traveling at a high rate of speed through the intersection of N. Broad Street and Raymound Boulevard in Newark. As a result, the bus T-boned a Route 19 NJ Transit bus, nearly tipping it over onto its side.

It was unclear what caused the driver of the speeding bus to barrel through the intersection. Investigators have continued to work on the case, but without the driver’s testimony, a search for answers could be fruitless. Some have questioned whether he had a medical emergency or if a piece of equipment on the bus malfunctioned in some way.

Dealing with the aftermath of a bus accident

There may be a number of parties at fault for a bus accident. This may include the bus driver, especially if he or she was driving recklessly, engaged in distracted driving or otherwise acting negligently. The company or agency in charge of maintenance for the bus may be liable if an equipment failure caused a crash. In other situations, the manufacturer of a piece of equipment may be at fault if a part was defective and led the driver to lose control.

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