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Trevor Noah Files Medical Malpractice Suit After Surgery

Wealthy, famous people have access to high-level healthcare, but no one is immune to the effects of medical malpractice. Numerous celebrities have filed suits against doctors and hospitals over the years alleging substandard treatment. In fatal cases, such as the death of Joan Rivers, bereaved family members have collected substantial compensation from healthcare providers. Now, another celebrity is claiming that he suffered serious harm because his doctor and hospital acted improperly.

In November 2021, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Riley J. Williams III and New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery. Though the complaint lacks detail about Noah’s specific condition or the damage he claims was done by defendants, the doctor is an orthopedic surgeon who works with several metropolitan area sports teams. The particular instances of malpractice alleged by Noah are common to these types of actions, including:

  • Diagnosis failure — Regardless of the specific medical discipline, the failure to recognize symptoms and diagnose the patient’s condition properly can lead to lasting harm. Missing signs that someone has cancer or a heart problem could be fatal.
  • Substandard surgical performance — Errors that occur in the operating room present a serious threat, but often the victim is not aware of what is happening. If you believe that a mistake occurred during surgery, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer will consult with experts and conduct an investigation.
  • Lack of informed consent — Patients usually sign a document declaring their agreement to undergo a medical procedure, but legal consent can only be granted if they’ve received accurate information from their doctor. Someone who feels they were misled into signing the consent form might have grounds for a legal claim.
  • Refusal to consult a specialist — No doctor can be an expert on everything. When a patient’s condition is difficult to diagnose or treat, physicians should be willing to bring in a specialist who has experience with that type of issue.

Proving a medical malpractice claim is often very complicated, even if you’re famous like Trevor Noah. Doctors, hospitals and insurance companies are reluctant to admit fault, and cases often hinge on the testimony of experts for each side. Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia, LLP represents Nassau and Suffolk County clients in medical malpractice claims and can review your situation and advise if legal relief is warranted.