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Two Killed in Boating Accident in Long Island Sound

Two men were killed in a boating accident just off the Fairfield County shoreline in Long Island Sound.

According to law enforcement, the men were 26 and 41 years old, and both from New York City. They were extracted from the water with two other boaters off of West Beach in Stamford after a boating accident that occurred on Sunday, April 17. The other men who were pulled out of the water were transported to the hospital where they were listed as being in critical condition.

Representatives from the Stamford Fire Department said the boat was being carried by the tide and the wind, and when the boaters reached out with a distress call, communication was difficult due to a language barrier. Dispatchers tracked the caller’s cell phone number to pinpoint the last known location of the boat.

The two men who died as a result of their injuries did so while at the hospital.

Boating safety is critical

With boating season upon us once again in the northeast, it is critical that all people who intend to operate a vessel do so with the utmost care for the safety of themselves and other people who share the waterways with them. All boat operators should remain sober and fully focused on the waterways. It is also important to consider the conditions of the water before departure and to avoid taking to the water on any days where the conditions could make doing so unsafe.

For more information about the steps you can take if you’ve been injured in a boating accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia LLP.