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Violent Boat Collision Results in Seven Injuries

Seven people sustained varying degrees of injuries on the evening of Saturday, August 1 in a boating accident in Nassau County after a collision between two vessels. The accident occurred with such force that one of the boats was split into two pieces.

Multiple first responders were called out to the scene to take part in the rescue effort and get the injured parties out of the water. Some of the victims were treated on the site before they were able to be put into ambulances and taken to nearby hospitals. Injuries included significant breaks and lacerations.

One boat crashed into the other just before 7 p.m. that evening. The cause of the crash continued to be investigated in the aftermath of the accident, but authorities and boaters alike say the area where the accident occurred has frequent issues with people speeding on the water. The level of damage done to the boat that was split in two would indicate speed was at least a factor in the accident.

Responsibility for boating accidents

Just as drivers are required to obey the “rules of the road,” there are certain “rules of the waterway” that boaters must follow. Many of the same rules that apply to drivers of cars apply to boaters, including traveling at a reasonable rate of speed, remaining vigilant to obstacles or other vehicles, allowing the right-of-way in certain circumstances to other vehicles and never operating the boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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