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Dealing With Dog Bites in New York

Most people know or have heard of someone being bitten by a dog. Understanding why dog bites happen might help you avoid a painful altercation with man’s best friend.

According to the American Humane Society, nearly 800,000 dog bites per year require medical attention. Given their vulnerability, children and seniors are the most common victims of serious dog bites.

Dogs bite for a number of reasons, including being teased, taunted or interrupted while nursing puppies. Most people are bitten by dogs they know. However, serious dog attacks often occur when one or more aggressive dogs are kept together and a victim inadvertently enters their yard, or when the dogs escape and attack a passerby.

While dog bites can be serious, a dog attack can be deadly. Rottweiler and pit bull mix dogs do not just attack because they are annoyed, but because they are more aggressive breeds. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation does not advocate breed-specific legislation, but instead tries to help owners understand risks for dog aggression. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has stated that:

  • Unaltered male dogs are most likely to bite.
  • Dogs kept chained in a yard are more likely to attack if they are able to get free.
  • Dogs should be socialized from birth to humans and other animals.
  • People should be taught not to tease dogs, not to try to pet unfamiliar dogs without permission of the owner and never to enter the yard of a strange dog without the permission of the owner.

In New York, owners of dogs with a proven tendency to bite or attack can be held strictly liable for the injury and damage caused by their dogs. This dangerous dog rule means you should speak with experienced legal counsel if you, or a loved one is seriously injured through the bite or attack of mans’ best friend. Se habla español.

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