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Long Island Motorcyclist Killed After Running Over Pothole

Police from the eastern part of Long Island say a motorcyclist died from his injuries after he hit a pothole on Reeves Avenue. When friends of the victim from his motorcycle club went to the accident scene to see what could have led to his accident, they discovered a road that was covered with potholes.

This winter was rough for roads throughout the New York metropolitan area, with the snow and cold causing numerous potholes to form on roads all over the region. Potholes are dangerous for all vehicles, but especially for motorcycles, which do not have their weight balanced over a larger surface area as most vehicles on the road do.

Although the Road Reapers motorcycle club does not blame the municipalities for the accident and the state of the roads, it is the responsibility of government entities to maintain the roads and ensure that they are safe for all drivers. This is a particularly challenging responsibility this year due to the sheer number of potholes that formed over an unusually difficult winter. But when accidents are caused because of poor road conditions, injured parties or families of victims could potentially file personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against the municipality.  Municipalities are generally entitled to prior written notice of a defect before they can potentially be held liable. Our office has the experience and skill to investigate this critical issue and determine whether the is a viable claim. With any case against a municipality it is critical to consult a lawyer with experience in this area immediately  as there are strict time limits to bring a claim.

Motorcyclists in the area are encouraged to be vigilant while driving and avoid areas that are known to have bad road conditions until the municipalities are able to get out and patch the roads up. Driving slow and avoiding heavy traffic can help to increase safety in areas that may have rougher road conditions.

For more information on your legal options after a serious motorcycle accident, reach out to the skilled injury attorneys at Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia, LLP.

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