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Orders of Protection and Temporary Restraining Orders

You do not need a lawyer to seek a temporary restraining order in New York. Courthouses and police stations are required to provide an immediate order of protection if you request one. A trial date is set and a hearing is held to see if you qualify for a permanent order of protection. A judge hears the facts of your case and questions the defendant to decide whether to grant the permanent restraining order.

It is in your best interests to retain an attorney to represent your interests at a hearing for a permanent order of protection, especially if you share a residence with the person who stands accused of abusing you. A judge at the hearing has the power to decide your fate and a lawyer can help you file the paperwork necessary to compel an abusive spouse to:

  • Move out of your shared residence
  • Stay away from you and your children
  • Follow a custody order
  • Not have a gun

New York’s task force against domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects countless families every day. If you are one of many victims of violence, you should take the steps necessary to protect yourself from an abusive relative, stalker, partner or spouse. Some of the resources available to you may include:

Contact an experienced domestic violence attorney for help with your case.

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