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Pedestrian in Critical Condition After Being Hit by Bus

A recent accident in downtown Manhattan has underscored the importance of paying attention for both drivers and pedestrians. A bus headed to Staten Island during rush hour reportedly hit a 90-year-old woman, who was left in critical condition. The driver of the bus was not charged with any violation.

In recent years, the New York City Mayor’s Office had made pedestrian safety a priority, launching the Vision Zero plan to completely eliminate pedestrians deaths in the city by 2020. As part of the effort, the speed limit on city streets has been reduced to 25 miles per hour and a massive awareness campaign has reminded both pedestrians and motorists of what they need to do to prevent serious accidents.

So far, the effort has had some impressive results, as pedestrian accidents are down across the city this year. However, these accidents still occur with regularity. If drivers do strike someone on foot, it’s important that they pull over immediately. This doesn’t always happen, and many of these crashes involve motorists who simply keep on driving after they have struck a person.

City buses also pose some risks to pedestrians, as they often need to move in and out of traffic and pull over every block or so to pick and drop off passengers. This can make predicting the movements of a bus difficult, something pedestrians should take into account when out on New York’s streets and sidewalks.

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