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What is Loss of Consortium?

In the typical marital relationship, two people so closely entwine their affairs that they become like one person. Therefore, it is fair to assume that a serious injury to one spouse would also have a very real and direct impact on the other spouse, even if he or she suffered no physical injury. For that… Read More »

What if You Were Partially at Fault?

The responsibility for accidents and the resulting injuries often does not fall on a single person, or even a single organization. It is common for numerous parties to have contributed to the occurrence, and sometimes those parties can include the injured person. Many people assume that they cannot recover compensation if their own actions influenced… Read More »

Is it Too Late to File a Lawsuit?

While your immediate concerns after an auto accident have to deal with people and property — Are you and your loved ones safe? How much damage did your car sustain? — there are other decisions you must be prepared to make quickly. One of those is choosing whether you wish to pursue legal action against… Read More »

Injured on the Job — Is Workers Comp Your Only Option?

Employees who have gotten hurt while working at construction sites often believe that workers compensation is the only remedy available to them. After all, workers comp is designed to compensate an injured worker for lost wages and medical expenses in exchange for waiving the right to sue the employer for negligence. Third-party injuries While this… Read More »