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The Different Types of Adoptions

If you are looking into adoption, you have several different options depending on your current situation. 

Here are some of the various types of adoptions that you may consider: 

  • Adoptions through agencies. Agency adoptions involve placing a child with their adoptive parents through a public agency or a state-licensed private agency.
  • Independent adoption. No agencies are involved in an independent adoption. They might instead involve creating an arrangement juts between the birth parents and adoptive parents, or the use of an intermediary figure like a lawyer or doctor. Attorneys are generally needed to help create the paperwork for the actual adoption, but the process of going through an agency can be bypassed.
  • Identified adoptions. These are adoptions in which the parents and birth mother find each other outside of typical placement services and then ask for an adoption agency to handle the rest of the process.
  • International adoptions. A variety of laws make international adoptions particularly complex. They give American parents a chance to bring an adopted child from another country after obtaining an immigrant visa on the child’s behalf.
  • Same-sex adoption. This is simply an adoption performed by a same-sex couple.
  • Stepparent adoptions. In this type of adoption, a stepparent of a child becomes the child’s official parent through adoption after the child’s birth parent forfeits their right to parenthood.


Each type of adoption has different legal stipulations involved that require the assistance of a skilled adoption lawyer. For more information on your type of preferred adoption, consult the knowledgeable attorneys at Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith and Tartaglia, LLP.

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