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Winter Weather is Coming: Beware of Slip and Fall Hazards

With fall here and winter on the way, New Yorkers are at increased risks of slipping and falling. Snow, sleet, rain and ice make it tough to navigate sidewalks, walkways and roads. According to the Mayo Clinic and the Center for Disease Control, about one million American adults are injured in slip-and-fall accidents each year. The number increases during the fall and winter months.

Slip-and-fall accidents can seriously injure or kill people, especially elderly adults. These tips will help you stay safe all year long:

  • Wear the right shoes: Invest in comfortable, waterproof walking shoes with good support and snow grips. The better the grip, the less likely a patch of ice or water will take you by surprise.
  • Take your time: Leave extra time when you need to walk on icy, snowy or wet streets. The faster you walk, the more likely you’ll lose your balance or overlook a slipping hazard.
  • Take smaller steps: Taking smaller steps helps you maintain your center of gravity. In particularly slippery conditions, your steps should be almost side-to-side, like a penguin.
  • Use safety features: Hang on to guardrails and handrails whenever possible—if you do slip, they can help steady you. If you use a cane, walker or other mobility device, be sure to use it throughout the winter.
  • Stay home during and after storms: Whenever you can avoid walking in inclement weather or on slippery roads, stay home—especially if you are elderly.
  • Don’t catch yourself: Finally, if you do fall, don’t try to catch yourself with your arms. If possible, let your buttocks take the brunt of the fall. You’re less likely to suffer serious injuries.

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