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When Can Store Customers Sue Over Injuries Due to Falling Merchandise?

You’re out shopping and you spot an item you want on the top shelf. You reach up and grasp the box, nudging it toward you. Suddenly, an adjacent package falls from the shelf, striking you on the head. You suffer a concussion and a severe neck injury. Can you sue the store? The answer is… Read More »

Slip and Fall Claims and the Reasonable Landlord

If you suffered a slip and fall or trip and fall due to an unsafe condition on someone’s property, you may feel you’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills and your pain and suffering. However, you must show more than the existence of an unsafe condition that caused your injury; you must prove that… Read More »

Suing for Injuries Due to Falling Merchandise

 New York premises liability law recognizes the duty of merchants to exercise reasonable care to keep their premises reasonably safe for customers. We are all accustomed to seeing bright yellow safety cones placed over spills in aisles as an immediate warning, and hearing the cry over the P.A. system for a “clean-up on aisle five!”… Read More »

Are Nursing Homes Liable for Slips and Falls on their Premises?

Elderly people are much more prone to slips and falls than the average person, and because of their frailty they are also much more likely to suffer serious injuries in those falls as a result. It stands to reason that nursing homes, as homes to many elderly people in one location, would be a common… Read More »

Who is Liable for Falls on Public Sidewalks?

Whenever you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit in a slip and fall case, your ability to win the case hinges on proving that the property owner was somehow negligent. Remember: just because you fell down on someone else’s property does not necessarily imply negligence. The property owner must have violated some duty of… Read More »

Who is Responsible for an Unsafe Property

It is easy to assume that the owner is responsible for an unsafe property condition that leads to injury. In many instances, it may be that simple. However, the truth may be different under some circumstances. It all depends on a variety of factors including the use of the property, the type of injury and… Read More »

In Spite of Shopping Cart Safety Standards, Children Suffer Head Injuries at Alarming Rates

In an effort to reduce injuries to children, voluntary shopping cart safety standards were implemented in the U.S. beginning a decade ago in 2004. However, one extensive study indicates that children are continuing to sustain serious head and other injuries. In fact, the rate of head injuries in children under age 15 continues to increase…. Read More »

Premises Liability for Third Party Crime

Anna Burgese, a resident of New Jersey, was attacked by a prostitute in the lobby of a Florida hotel she was staying in, after she was mistakenly thought to be a business rival. The assailant grabbed Ms. Burgese from behind and threw her headfirst into a stone wall. She is suing the company that owns… Read More »