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Category Archives: Child Custody

Do Mothers Have an Advantage in Child Custody Proceedings?

It’s a common assumption that mothers have an inherent advantage over fathers when it comes to asserting child custody rights. This is because, statistically, more mothers receive full custody over their kids than fathers. However, it’s important to understand that courts do not favor one gender over another in these proceedings. There are no laws… Read More »

Birdnesting Is a New Divorce Trend Among Families with Children

An unusual new trend has emerged among divorcing parents in New York and across the country. Instead of transferring the kids back and forth between the parents’ homes, parents are letting the kids stay put and instead shuffling themselves around. This trend is known as birdnesting or bird’s nest custody. The way it usually works… Read More »

Do New York Grandparents Have Visitation Rights with Their Grandchildren?

In many families, children grow up having a strong connection with their grandparents. Having a second or third set of adults around expands children’s horizons, provides them with additional emotional support, and can even give parents a needed break from childcare responsibilities. In some situations, however, one or both parents seek to deny grandparents the… Read More »

What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

If you are going through a contentious child custody battle, you may have heard the terms parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome. It is important to understand the difference between these two phrases, because courts in New York will entertain discussion of parental alienation, but will not accept arguments based on assertions that a child… Read More »

Issues of Child Custody and Domestic Violence

If there is any domestic violence present in your home, it will add some key issues to take into account when filing for a divorce and developing child custody arrangements. The following are a few issues to keep in mind while you work to safely transition you and your children into your new life: Keep… Read More »

Which Actions are Considered Violations of Custody Agreements?

After you have come to a child custody agreement with your former partner or spouse, it’s imperative that you closely adhere to it. But what types of actions could possibly be considered violations of your custody agreement? The following are a few violations to avoid: Refusing visitation. This is among the most common types of… Read More »

Steps to Help You Get Back Custody of Your Children

If you’ve lost custody of your children, chances are a court had reason to believe that your children would be better off in someone else’s custody. Therefore, the only way that you can gain back custody of your children is  to demonstrate to the Court that there is a substantial and unanticipated change of circumstances… Read More »