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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Payments

Here are a few examples of some of the most frequently asked questions our attorneys receive about child support.

Q: If my ex prevents me from seeing my kids, am I still responsible for paying child support?

Yes. Child support is a right of the child—it has nothing to do with the relationship between the two parents. There are very few circumstances in which biological parents do not need to maintain financial support of their children. If your ex prevents you from seeing your child and violates the custody and visitation agreements you have in place, you should take this matter to the courts but continue paying your child support.

Q: How long am I required to continue making support payments?

In New York state, you have to pay support to 21 unless there is an earlier termination event. In some instances, the parties will agree to extend child support beyond 21.

Q: Are stepparents required to financially support stepchildren? 

Typically the answer is no, unless the stepparent officially adopts the child. However, there are circumstances in which courts may consider the stepparent’s income when determining child support amounts, either for the payer or the recipient.

Q: Do courts favor mothers for child support arrangements? 

No; courts treat mothers and fathers the same for child support arrangements. The most important factors considered by the court are income levels and custody arrangements.

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