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Imprisoned Rapist Loses Bid to Receive Alimony from His Ex-Wife

A strange alimony case in Brooklyn has come to an end, with a judge refusing to grant spousal support to a prisoner who had repeatedly abused his former wife.

The man, identified only as “Terrance T.,” was arrested multiple times for attacking his wife, although she testified that she has been physically and sexually assaulted by the man so many times during the course of their relationship that she had lost count. He is currently serving a 40-year state prison sentence for raping her.

The pair married in 2002, and the man spent much of their time together incarcerated. In his request for alimony, he claims that he supported his wife during their marriage by receiving public assistance and illegally selling cigarettes. He also alleged that his actions helped her pay for school.

While supporting a spouse so that he or she can get an education is typically a factor that can lead to an alimony award in New York courts, the judge in this case found the claims to be baseless. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Sunshine refused the man’s claims that he should be entitled to half of the woman’s meager salary as well as portions of her furniture and pension. The judge found that the man’s egregious conduct barred him from receiving assets under the state’s equitable distribution rules. His requests for payment of his attorney fees were also denied.

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