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Preparing for Your Life During and After Divorce

Transitioning from living as part of a couple to living as an independent individual can be challenging in many ways. But one of the factors people frequently overlook is the significant change to their personal financial affairs. That is why a divorcing spouse should take several steps both before and immediately after filing for divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand what you can do within the confines of New York law.

Life goes on while your divorce is pending. That means you still have to pay bills, buy food, travel and perform all the other everyday tasks that we all often take for granted. While New York’s Domestic Law 236 prohibits spouses from misappropriating marital assets or incurring large amounts of debt on marital accounts during the pendency of a divorce, there are several things you can and should do to begin disentangling your life:

  • Living arrangements — The right to occupy the marital residence is often an issue during divorce. If you are the one leaving, make sure to have new living arrangements available. If you are staying, make sure you understand how and when the rent or mortgage is to be paid.
  • Finances — Once your divorce has begun, any income you receive is your personal property and is not subject to distribution. Therefore it is important to have a personal bank account as well as personal lines of credit established.
  • Insurance — It is important to have a grasp of your insurance situation, including health, auto and homeowners if applicable. It may be necessary to ask the court to determine who is responsible for maintaining health insurance. In the case of other insurances, avoid creating a situation where your spouse has control over your coverage.

Managing these issues can be confusing, but an experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations while your divorce is pending. The family law attorneys of Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia have decades of experience providing Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County clients with counsel and peace of mind.

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