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Setting Up a Parenting Plan After Divorce

No part of getting a divorce is easy, but as any divorced parents know, the process becomes considerably more complicated when children involved. In every situation, the children’s needs have to come first. However, the logistics of developing a parenting plan can be difficult to navigate, even if two former spouses are in agreement regarding what’s best for the kids.

When considering the many aspects of family life — school, holidays, mealtimes, bedtimes, vacation, medical appointments, extended family and more — parents may become overwhelmed quickly and wonder how they’re going to make things work. Making an effort to divide these aspects equitably can be a challenge, but this may be the rare case in which parents will welcome the opportunity to fill out some required paperwork. The state of New York has a parenting plan form that breaks family life down into helpful, manageable categories and requires parents to put an agreement in writing.

The details of any parenting plan are largely up to the parents, but there are some big-picture concerns to keep in mind:

  • The time spent with each parent may not be equal in terms of hours, but it should be relatively equal in terms of quality.
  • Consistency is important and beneficial to everyone in the family. Making a plan that everyone can stick to will make for an easier adjustment.
  • At the same time, allowing for flexibility and having a backup plan for emergencies and last-minute issues can help prevent unnecessary conflict and disruption.

Making a divorce work for yourself, your former spouse and your children may be one of the most stressful and time-consuming experiences of your life. If you need sound legal guidance during this process, meet with a knowledgeable divorce attorney with Jakubowski, Robertson, Maffei, Goldsmith & Tartaglia, LLP. Our office is located in Long Island, NY, and we work with clients in Suffolk County, Nassau County and the surrounding areas.

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