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Is Annulment an Option for Your Marriage?

Few people look forward to divorce, even when it’s amicable. Many people wish they’d never gotten married at all. If they’re eligible for an annulment, that wish can come true—at least in the eyes of the law. Annulment doesn’t just end a marriage. It declares the marriage void, as if it had never happened. That… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Annulment

Annulment is available as an alternative to divorce in some cases, but it is not particularly common because there are some stringent requirements for a person to be eligible for it. Here are a few of the most common questions people preparing for a divorce tend to have about the issue of annulment. Q: What… Read More »

How Is Annulment Different From Divorce in New York?

Divorce has become commonplace, so it’s usually well understood. A couple, or at least one person in a marriage, decides that the marriage is not working and then files paperwork to end it. But an annulment is less common, and many people are unaware of how it differs from divorce. While a divorce ends an… Read More »