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Issues of Child Custody and Domestic Violence

If there is any domestic violence present in your home, it will add some key issues to take into account when filing for a divorce and developing child custody arrangements. The following are a few issues to keep in mind while you work to safely transition you and your children into your new life: Keep… Read More »

Never Attempt to Conceal Assets in a Divorce

If you are considering divorce, you are likely to be concerned about how your assets will be divided. This is understandable, especially if you have reason to believe your divorce will be particularly contentious. However, it’s important to remember that attempting to hide assets to protect your ownership of them is never a good idea,… Read More »

Most Common Financial Mistakes Made During Divorce

As you go through the divorce process, there are many decisions you’ll need to make that will have a major impact on your finances. You need to be extremely careful with how you make these decisions so that you don’t risk jeopardizing your financial wellbeing. The following are few of the most common financial mistakes… Read More »

Can Facebook Be Used to Serve Divorce Papers?

In the first week of April, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper granted permission to a 26-year-old woman to serve divorce papers to her husband via Facebook message. The somewhat controversial decision marks the first time in New York that the social network has been legally recognized as an official means of communication for divorce… Read More »

What Happens to Your Debts During a Divorce?

Any debts that you have accrued during your marriage are likely to be considered joint marital debt and subject to the same division process as your marital property. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your name or your spouse’s name on the account — if it occurred during your marriage and there was an expectation that… Read More »

Dating Considerations When Going Through a Divorce

As your marriage comes to an end, it’s understandable that you’re going to want to get on with your life, and perhaps start seeing other people. However, it’s also important to understand that beginning to date before your divorce is finalized could affect a variety of things, including your family relationships and your divorce settlement… Read More »

Divorce Terms You Should Know and Understand

As you go through the divorce process, chances are that you will come across a variety of terms that you are not familiar with. Here is a list of a few of the ones you are likely to encounter: Affidavit: This is simply any kind of written statement that you give under oath. Annulment: The… Read More »

What Legal Requirements Must Be Fulfilled Before a Divorce?

Before a couple is able to file a divorce action in court and actually go through the divorce process, there are certain legal requirements that they must fulfill. These requirements include:  Residency. A spouse that chooses to file for a divorce must have resided within the state they are filing for a certain period of… Read More »

Religion and Your Child Custody Arrangement

It’s somewhat common for one parent to change religions after going through a divorce. However, there are legal implications involving child custody and changing religion that must be considered. Religion is actually one of several considerations that courts will take into account when determining custody arrangements, alongside health care, residence, recreation and education.  First, courts… Read More »

When Can You Modify a Child Support Agreement?

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, you may reach a point in the arrangement where you feel like it needs to be modified to reflect your current life situation. But when are the best times to attempt to modify your arrangement, and how do you go about doing so?  Situations that may call… Read More »