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What to Know About the Risk of Injuries in Big-Box Stores

The large retail outlets known as big-box stores offer a widely varied selection of goods under one roof, making them convenient one-stop shopping destinations. However, these operations by their very nature create a unique set of hazards for shoppers. All commercial establishments have duty to keep their premises safe for expected visitors, and when a… Read More »

When Can Store Customers Sue Over Injuries Due to Falling Merchandise?

You’re out shopping and you spot an item you want on the top shelf. You reach up and grasp the box, nudging it toward you. Suddenly, an adjacent package falls from the shelf, striking you on the head. You suffer a concussion and a severe neck injury. Can you sue the store? The answer is… Read More »

Suing for Injuries Due to Falling Merchandise

 New York premises liability law recognizes the duty of merchants to exercise reasonable care to keep their premises reasonably safe for customers. We are all accustomed to seeing bright yellow safety cones placed over spills in aisles as an immediate warning, and hearing the cry over the P.A. system for a “clean-up on aisle five!”… Read More »