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How You Can Find Concealed Assets During Divorce Discovery

It is not unusual for spouses to attempt to hide assets they have during the divorce process so they don’t become subject to asset division. There is a discovery phase of each divorce in which spouses and their attorneys gather as much information they can about marital assets. But how do you use the discovery… Read More »

Tips for Your Separation

Sometimes, couples go into a separation with the hopes of reconciling. However, it’s important to be realistic with your separation and realize that the vast majority them end in a divorce. Therefore, even if you do have some hope left that you and your spouse will be able to repair your relationship, it is also… Read More »

How Can You Best Divide Stock Options During a Divorce?

A stock option is an asset that gives the owner the choice of whether he or she wishes to purchase a specified amount of discounted stock at a specific price point within a specific time period. A big question that often arises during divorce disputes is whether these stock options are marital or separate assets…. Read More »

Why Should You Consider a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement?

Most people enter into marriage wearing rose-colored glasses. Everyone knows that divorce is a possibility, but no one thinks it is going to happen to them. That belief, along with a variety of misunderstandings about prenuptial agreements, leads to many divorces being much more complicated than they need to be. The truth is, divorce happens… Read More »

Make Sure to Update Your Will and Estate Plan After a Divorce

Estate plans are at once intensely personal and a shared endeavor. The goal of most wills and trusts is to specify what you wish to leave to your family or other beneficiaries so that they can carry out their own wishes and dreams once you are gone. These plans, however, are often created by married… Read More »