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Wife Seeks New York Divorce to Retain Expensive Gifts from Husband

The difference between a divorce in New York and one tried in Monaco could be $70 million for Tracey Hejailan-Amon, according to a recent story in the New York Post. That is roughly the value of gifts her husband, Swiss businessman Maurice Alain Amon, gave her during their eight-year marriage, when the couple had homes… Read More »

How Long is This Going to Take?

One of the questions our clients inevitably ask is, “How long is my divorce going to take?” Unfortunately, there is no single answer. Divorces can be resolved relatively quickly or take an extremely long time, depending on a number of factors unique to each couple’s situation. Potential areas of contention The most common issues that… Read More »

Divorce: Understanding Your Digital Assets

Dividing property during a divorce can be difficult and sometimes contentious. Decisions about dividing material goods like the residence, a vacation home and investment accounts can be particularly difficult with partners who are splitting. But what about the iTunes account? In New York, property and assets accumulated by a couple during their marriage are considered… Read More »

Splitting Assets and Dividing Debts in Divorce

Many divorcing spouses wonder why they are not entitled to an exact 50 percent split of the household assets, but what they do not realize is that courts divide assets equitably in a divorce — not necessarily equally. Courts consider a variety of factors when deciding how to divide family belongings. A good lawyer can… Read More »

Ways to Help Children Cope With Divorce

Divorces can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time for spouses. The breakup of a marriage can be hard on children, too. Thankfully, there is a wealth of information available to parents struggling to navigate the challenging landscape of divorce with the least amount of damage to their children. The Mayo Clinic has published advice… Read More »