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What Should Be Addressed in a Parenting Agreement?

There are innumerable issues to consider when creating a feasible and beneficial parenting plan for your child. For many parents, it is challenging and overwhelming, especially when the other parent is uncooperative. Of course, when a New York court reviews a parenting agreement, it has the child’s best interests in mind.

The State of New York provides guidance for creating a parenting plan to address the following:

  1. Names, ages and gender of children
  2. Parenting time schedules for:
    • Ÿ  Regular weekdays and weekends
    • Ÿ  Summer breaks from school
    • Ÿ  Holidays and vacations
    • Ÿ  Number of overnights with each parent
  3. Primary residence of the child
  4. Alternate care for the child
  5. Plans for temporary change to the schedule
  6. How to schedule missed and makeup time with a parent
  7. Decision-making regarding day-to-day choices and major decisions such as religion, education and healthcare
  8. How parents regularly communicate with each other regarding their child to fulfill their commitment to share all applicable information
  9. What happens if a parent needs to relocate
  10. Parent-child communication tactics and when they are used
  11. Exchanging the child can be a source of strife between parents. Detailed ground rules must be established regarding the exchange process. For example, agreeing to have the children ready on time and with sufficient clothing packed, and to return the clothes with the child. Where shall the child be exchanged is also important.

With so many issues to consider while developing an ideal parenting plan, it can be overwhelming without the legal guidance of a knowledgeable New York child custody attorney. Make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side to effectively represent your and your child’s interests. Se habla español.

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