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Category Archives: Family Law

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

Divorce mediation is a process through which a divorcing couple sits down in the presence of a neutral third-party mediator to discuss and resolve some or all of the pertinent issues of their divorce. The process is not necessarily right for all divorce cases. If the following (or most of the following) are true for… Read More »

Tips for Helping Children Through Custody Transitions

Divorce can cause a substantial upheaval in the lives of children. Understanding this, parents must work together to ensure their children feel as safe and comfortable as possible during what is truly a life-altering time. Although adults are capable of adjusting to these types of changes, children need routine and stability to thrive and mature… Read More »

How Does a Prenuptial Agreement Impact the Divorce Process?

For the most part, all divorce cases follow the same process. While the factors and challenges will vary from cases to case, each will follow the same general flow of events — unless a prenuptial agreement is involved. A prenuptial agreement (commonly referred to as a “prenup”) is a legal contract formed by couples who… Read More »

Steps to Take Immediately After a Divorce

The moment your divorce is finalized, you may feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off your shoulders. However, your work isn’t done quite yet. There are a few steps you should take immediately following your divorce to get yourself organized and prepared to begin your new life. The following are a few tips… Read More »

Are You Enabling a Bad Relationship?

When we feel trapped in a bad relationship, it can be easy to think of our spouses as the ones who are causing all the problems. However, it’s also important to do some reflecting and think about if we are doing anything to enable a toxic dynamic in a relationship. The following are a few… Read More »

Adoption Agency Accused of Hiding Child’s Medical Conditions

The adoption process is often long and complicated, with bumps along the way. This can be especially true when relying on an agency to adopt a child. While adoption agencies are supposed to be honest and helpful, working to make lives better for parents and children, this isn’t always the reality, as one couple recently… Read More »

Issues of Child Custody and Domestic Violence

If there is any domestic violence present in your home, it will add some key issues to take into account when filing for a divorce and developing child custody arrangements. The following are a few issues to keep in mind while you work to safely transition you and your children into your new life: Keep… Read More »

A Quick Overview of the Divorce Process

Are you wondering what to expect out of your upcoming divorce? Here’s a general step-by-step overview of how the process works: Filing the petition. The first step in any divorce is filing a divorce petition. Only one of the spouses actually needs to file the petition in court. Temporary orders. Depending on your circumstances, you… Read More »

Will an Ongoing Lawsuit Help Solve New York’s Foster Care Problem?

Earlier this summer, the Office of the New York City Public Advocate and 10 different children in foster care centers filed a class-action lawsuit against the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and the OCFS’s acting commissioner. It’s the latest effort from public… Read More »

Methods of Enforcing Your Visitation Rights

In most child custody arrangements, one parent is typically granted primary custody of the children while the other has visitation rights or limited custody. However, it’s not out of the ordinary for the custodial parent to abuse the visitation rights of the other parent. They might refuse to allow their children to spend time with… Read More »