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Category Archives: Family Law

What are the Legal Benefits Associated with Marriage?

Marriage is more than just a new phase of your relationship with your partner—it is also a legally binding contract that affords you certain legal benefits often unavailable to single people. The following are a few examples of those benefits and protections you will receive as a married person:  Tax benefits: Married people can file… Read More »

Understanding the Legal Rights of Underage Children

Although children do not have the full-fledged legal rights of an adult over the age of 18, they do still have some rights that courts will protect. Below are a few examples of those basic rights: Basic living necessities: Children have the right to some basic everyday necessities, to be provided by their parents. These… Read More »

Can Parents Lose Their Visitation Rights?

Parental rights are protected by the U.S. Constitution. However, parents may lose those rights in certain circumstances. Courts will always act in what they deem to be the best interests of a child, which might mean supervised visitation or even cutting off all ties with a parent if he or she poses some sort of… Read More »

Factors a Judge Will Consider When Determining Child Custody

In every state, the “best interest of the child” is the main standard used to determine custody cases. But what exactly do judges consider as they determine what is in the best interest of the child? Below are a few of the factors you can expect to play a role in your child custody case:… Read More »

Preparing and Serving Divorce Paperwork in New York

Even if your spouse is not contesting your divorce, you will still need to prepare and file a significant amount of paperwork to finalize your divorce. All the documents you need to file for divorce in New York are on the NY Courts website. The first form to fill out is the Summons with Notice… Read More »

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

Divorce mediation is a process through which a divorcing couple sits down in the presence of a neutral third-party mediator to discuss and resolve some or all of the pertinent issues of their divorce. The process is not necessarily right for all divorce cases. If the following (or most of the following) are true for… Read More »

Tips for Helping Children Through Custody Transitions

Divorce can cause a substantial upheaval in the lives of children. Understanding this, parents must work together to ensure their children feel as safe and comfortable as possible during what is truly a life-altering time. Although adults are capable of adjusting to these types of changes, children need routine and stability to thrive and mature… Read More »

How Does a Prenuptial Agreement Impact the Divorce Process?

For the most part, all divorce cases follow the same process. While the factors and challenges will vary from cases to case, each will follow the same general flow of events — unless a prenuptial agreement is involved. A prenuptial agreement (commonly referred to as a “prenup”) is a legal contract formed by couples who… Read More »

Steps to Take Immediately After a Divorce

The moment your divorce is finalized, you may feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off your shoulders. However, your work isn’t done quite yet. There are a few steps you should take immediately following your divorce to get yourself organized and prepared to begin your new life. The following are a few tips… Read More »

Are You Enabling a Bad Relationship?

When we feel trapped in a bad relationship, it can be easy to think of our spouses as the ones who are causing all the problems. However, it’s also important to do some reflecting and think about if we are doing anything to enable a toxic dynamic in a relationship. The following are a few… Read More »