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Common Divorce Negotiation Mistakes

Divorce has become such a common occurrence that many people have come to think they can do it with minimal legal assistance or, even worse, completely by themselves. This is a grave risk. Many people who attempt to negotiate and finalize their own divorces end up unnecessarily forfeiting important rights and setting themselves up for… Read More »

Be Smart With Social Media During Divorce

Even if a couple parts under friendly circumstances, divorce is often difficult and frustrating. Handling all aspects of divorce in New York, our attorneys often see the effects of electronic communication on the cases of our clients. Too often, spouses do not realize the impact of an email or Facebook posting on the eventual outcome… Read More »

How Do You Consciously Uncouple Assets?

Entertainers Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin created a divorce sensation when they announced they were consciously uncoupling. What effect does that have on division of assets during divorce? In March, the celebrity couple announced their separation via Goop, the website of Ms. Paltrow. While a great deal of attention is paid to the apparent civility… Read More »

The Tax Impact of Spousal Maintenance Requires Careful Consideration When Negotiating the Terms of Divorce

Taxes should be a major consideration when negotiating the terms of divorce. At its simplest level, the party who makes any type of payment defined as spousal maintenance under federal tax laws can deduct those payments, while the recipient must declare the payments as income. Qualified taxable income Although the IRS does not consider payments… Read More »

When Pursuing a Mediated Divorce Is a Mistake

You’ve probably heard about the cost benefits and lack of adversarial encounters associated with divorce mediation. Granted, these qualities are appealing and are actual advantages — but only when the nature of your divorce is suitable for mediation. Otherwise, mediation can saddle you with an outcome that’s anything but favorable. A Forbes magazine article aptly… Read More »

Checklist for Prenups and What They Cover

Navigating the emotional landscape of divorce is tough, especially when financial issues were not resolved in advance. A prenuptial agreement is critical to protecting your assets and reducing uncertainties in the event of a divorce. The American Bar Association (ABA) has published information regarding the potential issues that can be included in a prenuptial agreement…. Read More »