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Does Your Same-Sex Marriage Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

In a column last year after the landmark Supreme Court ruling striking down the prohibition of federal recognition of same-sex marriages, a Forbes writer drew an analogy between the coming wave of same-sex marriages and the significant uptick in marriages after World War II. Although noting that the numbers could potentially be similar, he observed… Read More »

What a Prenup Can Do — and What It Cannot

In a 2010 poll of divorce attorneys, 73 percent noted an increase in the use of prenuptial agreements, in addition to some surprising trends related to these documents. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conducted the poll with its 1,600 members, 52 percent of whom noted that women were increasingly the ones requesting a prenup…. Read More »

Grounds for Invalidating a Prenup in New York

Invalidating a prenuptial agreement has traditionally been difficult in the state of New York. However, in recent months, former wife of millionaire Peter Petrakis has made it just a little easier. Elizabeth Petrakis alleged that she was fraudulently induced to sign a prenup when her husband-to-be made an oral promise to destroy it once the… Read More »

Checklist for Prenups and What They Cover

Navigating the emotional landscape of divorce is tough, especially when financial issues were not resolved in advance. A prenuptial agreement is critical to protecting your assets and reducing uncertainties in the event of a divorce. The American Bar Association (ABA) has published information regarding the potential issues that can be included in a prenuptial agreement…. Read More »